Angry Bird Fishcake

:: Angry Bird Alphabet Soup ::

Cooking for the kids can be a challenge at times. I try not to fuss about whether they finish everything on their plate but I try to encourage them to try everything once. My younger son is more adventurous in this respect. He loves trying new dishes that he has never seen. He may not always like it but he will try it.

But it really isn't always easy trying to serve up new things and worry about them getting enough to eat. I find it helps to serve some tried and tested favorites alongside the new dishes that you might want to introduce. Or throw in a little distraction like fishcake in the shape of a character. 

Recently, I stumbled onto the Stitch and Hello Kitty fishcake and decided to buy it to try it out. The kids loved it and when one of my sons was down with the flu, I cooked him fish porridge and added the stitch fishcake which added a nice touch of color. He had two bowls of porridge that day and well, I don't think it was just because he liked the porridge.

:: Fish Porridge garnished with Stitch Fishcake ::

The nice thing about buying fishcake is that you can freeze them for a little while in the fridge and use as required. I would suggest cutting up the Stitch fishcake and freezing it. They come in a little block and I managed to slice 10 pieces so they cost approximately $0.60 each.

The angry bird fishcake comes cut up and I found that at the wet market at Shun Fu. They cost me $0.25 each but I think the price varies depending on how well you know the stall owner. 

Have you seen any other types of fishcake sold in the wet market?

Do let me know! I am still hoping to find the nemo fishcake.

:: Fried Egg Noodles and Gyoza served with Steamed Broccoli ::