Creativity Spotlight :: Caine's Arcade

Hi! I have a heartwarming story for you today.

It is about a 9 year old boy named Caine from East LA. He made headlines when a producer saw a cardboard arcade that he made in his father's hardware store and turned it into a movie - Caine's Arcade. The movie sparked something in hundreds and thousands of people. In a short space of time, they raised a whole lot of money and all the funds raised are all going to Caine's college fund.

But the other cool thing about Caine's Arcade is how he has been able to inspire loads of children to create. The video shows you all their creations too.

And now we can play too. To celebrate the one year anniversary of the flashmob that came out to make Caine's day, the imagination foundation is hosting a cardboard challenge.

Kids across the world are encouraged to make something from cardboard and get together on October 6 to play. 

I first heard about this from Sarah of Playful Parents and she is organising a meet up in Singapore at the Botanic Gardens. You can sign up here. Or start your own little group to play. 

Given that Oct 5 is Children's Day, I think the timing is perfect. So do take time to celebrate creativity in kids, have fun and make something. 

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