Me Time :: Hobbies

Do you have any hobbies? I love crafting and since I stopped work to care for the kids, I have tried my hand at a number of different creative hobbies.

When the kids were younger, my husband kindly took care of the kids for a few hours so I could attend baking workshops. I really enjoyed learning the different techniques and experimenting with fondant and icing.


I also really enjoyed planning my kids' parties. So much so that I try to limit the time that I spend on party planning cos it can get quite out of hand. There was a particular party in 2009 which led me to make not one but two piñatas. Mainly cos I couldn't find one that fit my theme. It was a batman and bumblebee party :)


More recently, I began helping out with weddings at church and tried my hand at flower arrangements. It was a lovely way to serve the friends who were getting married and also get the opportunity to play around with loads more flowers than I would ever buy for myself.


Do you have a hobby? It might fall into the outdoor category or the collection type? Interested to pick up a new hobby but not sure where to begin?


is a good article that I found helpful.