DIY :: Stamped Hangers

UPDATED : I first made these hangers for my primary school going child but these hangers would make a fun baby shower activity or a nice gift for a wedding couple or a friend. 

hangers stamping primary school uniform singapore diy craft

Are you a morning person? 
I am not.

On school days, I wake my son up at 6am. 
I lay out his uniform. 
 I try very hard to remember if it is a PE day. 

 At 6am, this can be a difficult task. 
And I confess, that I um, have gotten the days wrong more than once.
This has meant that he has had to do PE in his school shirt. 
Not the end of the world but it really makes me feel like an awful mum that hasn't gotten my act together.

  So I recently came up with a solution that pleases my eye. 
Of course, a post-it reminder would have easily solved the problem but I felt a longing for something a little more permanent. 
So I created weekday hangers. 
I simply stuck washi tape on the days that he has PE. 

 (The washi tape can be removed next year and I can stick new washi tape on the days that he has PE next year)



Now on Sunday nights, I layout the shirts accordingly after ironing them and then I can forget all about uniforms until the next Sunday comes round. And now I bet I have freed up a little brain space for other bits of random information to be stored too. Which as a mum is incredibly valuable because I find that I have so much less brain space now cos I find myself having to think for me and my kids all the time.  
Do you ever feel that way too? or is it just me :)


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DIY :: Illustrated Ziploc Bags

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Illustrated Ziploc Bag DIY via Scissors Paper Stone (

Today's Valentine's Day idea is a whole lot less girly but a lot of fun. The idea is basically to transform a ziploc bag by tracing an illustration on it. Choose something that will definitely put a smile on the receipient's face!

My sons are really into ninjago at the moment so I used one of their books and traced two characters on it. I am thinking of adding speech bubbles too. I think they will like it. You could also save this idea for their birthday or the day of their exam. Just a simple way to show support and love in an inexpensive way.

Materials :
- permanent markers (i used sharpies)
- ziploc bags 
- graphics (from a storybook)

Directions :
1. Place the ziploc bag over the image and trace the outline with the permanent marker
2. Colour the images
3. Fill the ziploc bag with a snack then place it in your child's bag ready for school

Have fun spreading some love this Valentine's Day! 

Illustrated Ziploc Bag DIY via Scissors Paper Stone (
Illustrated Ziploc Bag DIY via Scissors Paper Stone (
Illustrated Ziploc Bag DIY via Scissors Paper Stone (
Illustrated Ziploc Bag DIY via Scissors Paper Stone (

Here is another illustration that I did on Valentine's Day with the kids. Try it and do take a photo if you do. I would love to see it.

Illustrated Ziploc Bag DIY via Scissors Paper Stone (

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p.p.s If you are planning to try this tutorial and need to get materials, you might want to read where to find Sharpies in Singapore.