Creativity Spotlight :: Haris

The schools in Singapore break for a week and I thought it would be timely to share a number of creations made by the young minds that I saw at this year's Sony Creative Science Award Ceremony. I loved chatting with the kids and understanding more about the creation process so I thought you might like to hear about them too. Perhaps their stories might even inspire you to make something out of nothing. 

Sayed Haris Bin Sayed Hussin - Sony Creative Science Award (

First up, meet Haris (and his sister)!
Haris is 8 years old and he created the Asteroid Crash (pictured above) which is a 2 player game where both parties are to aim asteroids (ping pong balls with velcro on them) at the planets (stuck on the bell-shaped bottle) as they spinned. The planets have different points and if you happen to score more points, you win! 
I was pretty impressed by the spinning motion and I asked Haris how he managed to make the planets spin?
His answer was simple.
It turns out that he used a portable handheld fan motor (the green ball is part of the fan motor) and after removing the blades, it was perfect for the job. The whole project took him a few weeks to assemble with help from his father. 
Gee, I will never look at a handheld fan in the same way again!